“We first met in Junior High. We did not start playing music right away, but our friendship brought us here.”

Mothern is a producer duo consisting of Pandu (better known by his nickname ‘Cung’) and Rasta. Despite having garnered prominence in the Jakarta music scene way before their collective venture as Mothern, it was not until the release of Afterdark, their debut mini album in 2018, that they started gaining critical acclaim albeit their still-obscure popularity.

It used to be three—but now it’s down to just the both of us. We spend so much time together—way more than the time we spend with our significant others.

Through their five-piece EP, Mothern successfully captures how rock music could sound modern and progressive yet also pay respect to its former formats at the same time.

Mothern is praised by their ability to create an everchanging musical arrangement, being totally unpredictable in their songs.

“We’re diving deeper into electronic music. Whilst conceptualising our ideas, we figured we’ll focus on the dystopian era, cyberpunk—you’ll love it.”

Continuing the narration from their first EP, they’re tweaking their sound by delving into a more electronic approach. Hoping to build their own “universe”, Mothern has big dreams and unconventional ideas for them to make-happen.

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