“Usually, I sing for the people — representing our harsh society as it is. Now I’m representing myself. It feels like home.”

Before kickstarting his voyage as Hindia, Baskara Putra was mostly known as the lead singer / songwriter for his rock band, .Feast.

Hindia was in fact Baskara’s primary initiative, with .Feast being a second channel for his rock persona. He has been self-producing his own tracks since 2015, but had put them on hold when .Feast’s popularity catapulted following their freshman album Multiverses (2017).

He started producing his own tracks as early as 2015, but put them on hold when .Feast slowly gained serious media attention and went on to release their debut album MULTIVERSES in 2017.

“I take it more personal. Something that I can’t write and sing it with .Feast, and I need it.”

When the fame snowballed and the band become one of the most sought rock act shortly after, Baskara felt the urge to express his personal feelings. Baskara’s soft spot couldn’t be delivered through .Feast alone.

Baskara also want to create something different from his main job as .Feast main vocalist. Put aside the rock influence and delivers more pop and RnB influence into his Hindia. He wants people to know his versatility to write pop song.

Equipped with versatility and skillfulness, Baskara sets his heavy rock influence aside and hopes to convey more of his Pop & RnB ambitions.

I want to be recognised as a singer / songwriter. Not just some frontman of some rock band.

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