.Feast has been catching media attention since their first single Camkan, and now heralded as one of the biggest next-generation band in Indonesia after the release of their genre-defying debut album MULTIVERSES in September 2017.

This reputation snowballed after the band published its nationally-acclaimed Beberapa Orang Memaafkan (2018), which sought singles such as Peradaban and Berita Kehilangan (ft. Rayssa Dynta) claiming air time in FM radios across the archipelago and as far as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

Both critically-acclaimed albums marked their spot in more than 20 year-end “best of” lists from nationwide medias each year.

.Feast is notorious for their reputation of amassing a crowd dangerous enough for stage security and utilizing collaborators and guest performers on-stage and in their recorded materials. But, you can find they channeling their inner slackers soul on their performance and social media.

“Twist it with a little sense of humour. We bring a lot of fun to our performance and digital presence.”

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